So our class was given an assignment to make an app using React and I was struggling to find an api that would suit me, sometimes I think choosing an api can be the hardest part especially when you have the option for over 1000 api’s on a website at the tip of your fingers.

I eventually chose the crypto api for a few reasons, the first was there was a few videos on youtube and when it comes to getting extra help I’m definitely not against that, the second was that it is good to get some practice with something to do with money because you have to be precise , and finally they have a few good api’s available that will give a lot of information.

Starting up with the project, I had a different idea of what I wanted to do. I wanted to get prices for different coins in different currencies however the api I was trying to use was not working in the way that I wanted so instead of wasting time like I did with the last project I decided to change to an api where I knew I wouldn’t have dramas with it.

After that I was having trouble putting together all the parts of React. I know that there is a steep learning curve with React and that having personal dramas as well this was a recipe for stress, but if anything was going to happen, I needed a plan and I had to chunk.

The biggest problem that I had was accessing the api and it seemed like it was not particularly easy to work around it, I tried googling and looking up youtube videos but nothing came around and I had to ask for help from my teacher, but once Albert helped me I found that things that he taught in class were starting to fit into place, I noticed that there would be certain things that would fall into place afterwards.

Having other people in the course been able to help out makes it a lot easier, Regan a fellow classmate has helped to point me in the right direction for somethings that I honestly wouldn’t of thought of without him, then there were things like props, states, super etc that just the thought of them give me a headache.

The hardest part about all of this is that even though we will be done with the learning part of React, I know that this is one of the most important parts of Javascript, but I must continue to get better and better because React is just so powerful that when it is done right, it makes life so much easier (its just a really steep learning curve)